Mold Removal

Mold removal


We all imagine a clean home with a neat look and a nice scent but often, molds don’t let that happen. Molds can give you a bad vibe from your home. The bad odor accompanied by green greasy walls or furniture is not a nice view to look at.  The team of specialists at Irvine Pro restoration removes all our molds and gives your home the refreshing clean look it deserves. Molds are not only just unattractive to the eyes but molds bring along various health risks like respiratory disorders, throat irritation and even fits. Molds are a fungus that can grow into colonies in just 24 hours and also promote harmful bacterial attack. Therefore, the process of mold removal must be initiated as early as possible. For this, Irvene Pro restoration offers its timely services. 

Molds are often the results of water or fire damage. Water damage causes green molds while fire damage welcomes black molds and both cause serious ailments. In such cases, not only does the mold need to be removed but the root cause must also be located and dealt with to prevent the mold from regrowth. Our specialists with their technical expertise are the best in both mold removal and prevention. Because molds are harmful to human health, so it is also necessary to sterilize the place and make it germ-free. We offer the following services to our clients:  

  • Thorough Inspection: Our team will critically evaluate all the aspects of the home/building and identify the cause of mold growth. Our team will deal with the root cause in the appropriate manner 

  • Removal of Molds: Our team will use appropriate chemicals such as detergents and equipment like scrubs to remove the molds. We also wrap the unaffected goods/part of the house in plastic sheets to keep them protected. 

  • Dehumidification: Mold growth is supported by water/moisture therefore, our team will various technique to eliminate moisture in the walls and furniture to cut off and prevent mold growth. 

  • Disinfection: Our team will use authorized disinfect sprays to sterilize the environment to prevent any risk of health disorder 

  • Deodorization: Our team will use air fresheners and deodorants to get rid of the bad odor caused by molds and give your place revitalizing scent. 

  • Unhazardous disposal of molds: Our team will follow a standard operating procedure to dispose of the molds. 

  • Prevention: Our team will take preventative measure to ensure that molds do not regrow.