Fire Damage

Fire damage


Although unfortunate, fire accidents are not that uncommon anymore. Fire catastrophes can be the result of gas leakages, electric sparking, breakdown of appliances or automation faults in them. Fire incidents can severely damage any building or home and require handling with critical care. Fire can burn the furniture or weaken the cemented structure. Moreover, the soot left from the fire damage can be the reason for several respiratory disorders like asthma and obstructive pulmonary disease. The water from the firefighting process can further cause issues like water logging and flooding. This water,  along with the soot from the fire aid the growth of both green and black molds. These molds can also cause several health issues. This is why it is crucial to not only restore the fire damage but also carry out the processes of mold removal and water damage. For this, Irvine Pro restoration offers the best facilities. 

Irvine Pro restoration has the most professional team with years of experience in this regard. Our team is an expert in restoring places to pre-fire condition. Being familiar with various technicalities that may arise during the restoration process, our team makes sure that the client is satisfied. We offer the following services:  

  • Thorough Inspection: Our team will thoroughly evaluate the condition of the place and find the cause of the fire 

  • Elimination of all risks: After inspection, our team will repair/remove the cause of the fire and will take safety measures to prevent any future accidents 

  • Protection of goods: Our team will wrap the unaffected/undamaged goods in plastic sheets to prevent them from any harm or damage 

  • Water extraction: Our team will use water pumps to extract the surplus water from the fire extinguishing process 

  • Removal of soot: Our team will use authorized chemicals and equipment to clean the soot from the place 

  • Removal of molds: Our team will use appropriate cleaning techniques to get rid of the molds if they have already grown or taken preventative measures if they have not to give you a cleaner environment  

  • Dehumidification: Our team will use absorbent chemicals and dryers to remove the extra moisture, providing you with a cleaner environment 

  • Deodorization: Our team will use professional air fresheners and deodorants to get rid of the unpleasant odor caused by molds, water logging and soot. 

  • Sterilization: Keeping in the mind the health of our clients, our team will use pharmaceutical disinfectant sprays to destroy any harmful bacteria in the vicinity  

All the offered services follow the standard operating procedures. Our client is very important to us so we cater to everything with extreme professionalism. Our sole motivation for the restoration to pre-damaged condition is the contentment of our client. We are super responsible because the health and safety of our client come first.